Sustainability and the Circular Economy

At Risk and Safety Solutions we like to think outside the box.  In developing your risk controls and systems our team will strive to provide solutions that are sustainable and minimise the impact on the environment.

We aim to assist clients in developing Circular Economy strategies as part of their core business values to provide a long-term sustainable future.

These strategies become core elements of our Integrated Management Systems with focus on the following key areas;

  • Life Cycle Analysis.
  • Waste stream audits and recommendations to reduce cost and environmental impacts.
  • Energy audits with recommendations to reduce cost and carbon impacts.
  • Collaboration with other local suppliers and businesses to re-use and up-cycle waste products between industries.
  • Collaboration with Local and State Government bodies to provide sustainable solutions for resource recovery.
  • Collaboration within the construction industry to source sustainable building products and develop sustainable structures and buildings

We work with clients to analyse and improve all parts of their business to ensure an improved triple bottom line.

A sustainable business which incorporates Circular Economy principles will not only help protect its own future but will assist the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

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Sustainability and Safety

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